Restaurant Design and Architecture


Artificial lighting and natural materials in surprising architectural use, restrained contemporary lounge design integrated in an existing garden with surprising new design ideas, spacious and open garden layout for contemplation.

Traditional architecture meets contemporary design. Unique traditional materials are interwoven in an innovative way to create unusual spatial experiences. Fascinating spaces form the background of surprising culinary creativity.

Already in the run-up to the first ideas for a resort project at Tizit Beach on the Dawei Peninsula we developed a unique vision regarding design and architecture of the restaurant. Myanmar has great architectonic tradition. Traditionally, wood has been used as well as bamboo for the more rural buildings. Even today these are the defining materials outside the cities.

We developed the first ideas around these materials. A combination of wood, bamboo and fabric enables a modern Asian architectural style. This led to the use of bamboo and wood as primary material for the whole restaurant design.

After taking over the buildings in Dawei, we first analyzed the existing architecture and building structures. The hotel building is a variation of English colonial architecture using traditional forms for the wooden elements (stairs, railings, doors, built-in-furniture et al) as well as bamboo for all roof trims. Although less marked by this style, similar elements have been used for the restaurant building as well.

The existing restaurant structure encouraged us to use the design language developed for the bar and restaurant at Tizit Beach as well. Again, bamboo and wood are the primary materials. The result is a modern Asian interior with bamboo used for walls, suspended ceilings and for backlit screens and wood for floors and the furniture. This interior design is combined with a sophisticated lighting concept.

Completely open air, the adjacent lounge is arranged on a wooden floor with cushions and further seating possibilities and shaded by an existing generous tree population to invite the guest to linger. In addition to the drinks and food offered by the restaurant, there are also tapas on offer.

The garden is characterized by existing generous plantings. With additional trees and shrubs, the landscape structure around the lounge and the restaurant is defined more clearly. In addition to the gardens of the lounge and restaurant there are inaccessible landscaped areas and a generous one only for the hotel guests.

The overall design idea of architecture, interior and landscape design is therefore a combination of traditional and very stylish elements using a contemporary lighting concept.



The Mandolis Hotel and Restaurant

10 Mingalar Thidar Street, We Kyun Htein Le Ward, Dawei 14011, Myanmar

T: +95 59 2023857


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