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Dawei and Dawei Peninsula


Despite being Tanintharyi region’s capital and administrative center, Dawei town itself is much smaller than either Mawlamyine or Myeik and has still a very laidback feel to it. The town is separated from the Andaman Sea by the narrow, beach-lined Dawei Peninsula. The eponymous swampy river, aside which the town is build, forms the eastern side of the peninsula.

The compact Town lies on flat land. The provincial capital is orderly and one of the tidiest and cleanest towns in Myanmar. The town center has still only a few of the new constructions you see today in most other Burmese towns. Apart from a few hotels, there’s little to break up the homogenous low roof-line. Dawei is considered to possess one of the best stocks of colonial-era building of any Burmese provincial town.

All this adds up to a highly agreeable town. There is still not this volume of tourists like in increasingly popular Mawlamyine. With a convenient land crossing open to Thailand and word starting to seep through, things will perhaps change rapidly since Dawei has a major advantage: its beaches. With a magnificent, largely untouched coastline, jungle interior and a sprinkling of islands, the Dawei region more than anywhere along the coastline of Tanintharyi has enormous potential for tourism.

The Dawei Peninsula has spectacular sandy bays and kilometers of beaches just a short distance away from Dawei town. Along this coastline there are maybe the best onshore beaches in Myanmar. Most of them are still off the beaten track because of lacking infrastructure. There are opportunities for jungle trekking and snorkeling, most of them not yet discovered.

Offshore lie the Moscos Islands. This is a much smaller archipelago than Myeik but one that does have wildlife sanctuary status, so it is hopefully better conserved than some of the isles further south. For now, it remains mostly off limits.



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